Date(s) - 02/09/2018
14:30 - 18:00
Hay Room

RPG System : Fate Core: Steampunk

Scenario Title : The Dolls Of The Fathers

Games Master : Martin Pickett

Scenario Description :

  • The Dolls Of The Fathers – Roleplaying in the world of Paul Shapera’s The Dolls of New Albion
  • The city of New Albion is a powder-keg, waiting for a spark. The Voodoopunks are running a dead man’s soul in a life-sized Doll for Mayor, and all over the city Dolls are singing of the peace of death.
  • Just days ago a Voodoopunk acolyte killed herself, claiming the Dolls’ song as her inspiration. Groups of protesters roam the streets, seeking a focal point for their anger.
  • The Wilson family is torn. Adam Wilson is dead, and his twin sons are both claiming to be his heir. The will of Adam’s father, Old Man Magnus, governs who controls the family fortune, but no-one alive knows where the will is or what it says.
  • Franklin Wilson is part of the Voodoopunk election committee, and wants the money to help the cause. His brother Francis has thrown him out of the family home, so Franklin has hired a group to break into the house and steal the Doll containing the soul of Old Man Angus, so he can find the will.
  • A game of Steampunk adventure, based on Paul Shapera’s The Dolls of New Albion, a Steampunk Opera.

Spaces available :  6 spaces available. 0 / 4 bookable online. 2 bookable on the day.

Other considerations : None


This event is fully booked.