Date(s) - 02/09/2018
09:15 - 18:00
Gannochy Room

In association with our exhibitor, Common Ground Games in Stirling, we are hosting a Standard tournament for Star Wars: Destiny.

There are 31 / 44 spaces available for this event. To enter buy your ticket then book your space!

We will be using the rules set out in Version 2.1 of the Star Wars: Destiny Tournament Regulations and will follow format as defined in Holocron Standard Version 2.3.

If the rules should be updated between now and Tabletop Scotland we will review those changes and make the necessary adjustments.

You will need to have a Tabletop Scotland ticket to be able to book your space in this event.

The tournament is split into two phases with each game lasting a maximum of 35 minutes.

Start Finish Stage
09:15 10:00 Registration &
Deck List Validation
10:00 10:45 Round 1
10:45 11:30 Round 2
11:30 12:15 Round 3
12:15 13:00 Round 4
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:45 Round 5
14:45 15:30 Q-Final
15:30 16:00 Break
16:00 16:45 S-Final
16:45 17:30 Final
17:30 18:00 Prizes

Registration & Deck List Validation

  • Please ensure that you bring your deck list.
  • We have an editable version of the FFG Deck List here – Star Wars Destiny: Deck List – Please complete it, save it and print it before coming to Tabletop Scotland.
  • Players who show up unprepared may be excluded from the event at the discretion of the Tournament Organiser.


  • Win: 1 Point
  • Loss: 0 Points

Swiss: 5 rounds of 35 minute games.

Elimination: The best eight players move into the elimination phase of the tournament.  Ties will be broken using standard Tiebreaker rules.

  • Quarter-Finals will be paired as follows:
    • QF1 -1st v 5th
    • QF2 – 2nd v 6th
    • QF3 – 3rd v 7th
    • QF4 – 4th v 8th
  • Semi-Finals will be paired as follows:
    • Winner of QF1 v QF4 and QF2 v QF3.
  • Final is obviously the winner of the Semi Finals.


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