When ticket sales started at 8pm on Wednesday the 31st January we started to give away some fantastic prizes we’ve been given by exhibitors and other supporters of the convention.

Please review the rules of the prize draw at the bottom of this page.

Prizes will be revealed in batches of 100 ticket sales.

# Prize!  Blue prizes have been won.
1 Tabletop Scotland T-Shirt
20 Tabletop Crafter Dice Bag + blind bag of RPG dice + a d20 keyring
40 Wibbell++ from Stuff By Bez
60 Codes for Through The Ages & Galaxy Trucker by Czech Games Edition
80 3 to 4 Headed Monster + Meeples by Tasty Minstrel Games
100 DMB Games Starter Set
120 Wibbell++ from Stuff By Bez
140 Inspiring Games – Legends Untold Signed Art Prints
160 Codes for Through The Ages & Galaxy Trucker by Czech Games Edition
180 ORE-SOME from One Free Elephant
200 Geeknson Hamper

More to come!!!

Rules of the prize draw :

  1. A prize draw will be triggered for every 20th ticket* sold on the website.
  2. Each prize draw will include all attendee ticket sales prior to that 20th ticket. e.g. At 20th there will be 20 possible winners. At 40th there will be 40 etc.
  3. Some prizes will be delivered by Tabletop Scotland.  Where prizes are being delivered by another party, Tabletop Scotland will supply your contact details to that party.
  4. Some prizes will only be available for collection at Tabletop Scotland.  You must bring your proof of prize to the convention with you.  In the event that you have to cancel your attendance, your prize will be recycled to another attendee.
  5. A maximum of three prizes may be won by any individual.
* Note we previously stated that this would be triggered by transaction rather than ticket sale but we’ve had such fantastic support for prizes that we’re changing it to tickets from the #60 draw onwards!
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