So what does your convention ticket actually get you?

  1. Entry in the Prize Draws that we’re doing as we sell tickets

  2. Access to book a space in events at the convention including Roleplaying Games, Seminars and Boardgame Tournaments

  3. Access to all the exhibitors including having the chance to win a Geeknson table

  4. Access to services like HABA Family Zone, Asmodee UK Demo ZoneGames Library, Gateway Zone and Playtest Zone

  5. Access to the Bar with soft and alcoholic drinks, the Cafe with hot & cold food and the “Quiet Room” for those who need a moment or ten away from the convention

  6. A discount voucher for the weekend to use the facilities in the Leisure Centre next door to our venue

    1. Equivalent pricing to the Live Active (LA) Card

    2. Access to all of these services

  7. A convention booklet for you to keep. This will detail everything available at the convention (more to come on that as we get closer to the convention itself)

So if you haven’t bought your ticket already then go here to get yourself ready for Tabletop Scotland!

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