Hi there!  Welcome to Tabletop Scotland’s website.

We aim to have all the information you need at your fingertips but if you can’t find something and have a question then simply Contact Us and we’ll get back to you.

What do I need to attend Tabletop Scotland?

To get into Tabletop Scotland you’re going to need a ticket which are on sale now!

The types of ticket available are explained on our Tickets page and can be bought from our Buy Tickets page.

Please note that online Ticket Sales will cease at 23:59 on Friday 24th August.  This is to enable us to validate all tickets and print them ready for the 1st.

When will my ticket get posted out to me?

It won’t.

If you have bought your ticket online then on arrival at the convention you will head for the Pre-Purchased Desk.

When you arrive at the Pre-Purchased Desk simply provide us with your name and email address and we will provide you with your pack.  This includes your lanyard (which must be worn at all times) and other associated items.

  • If you buy either a Weekend or Saturday Only ticket then you can collect your pack from the Pre-Purchased Desk which opens at 09:00 on Saturday 1st September.

  • If you buy a Sunday Only ticket then you can collect your pack from the Pre-Purchased Desk which opens at 09:00 on Sunday 2nd September.

How do I participate in any of the tournaments, seminars or roleplaying games?

To join in with these events you need to have a convention Ticket.  Once you have one of those you can then Book events.  Event Booking opens on the 30th of May.

The list of events currently planned are listed on the Events Listing page.  To help guide you through the process of booking events we’ve compiled a guide.

Please note that online Event Bookings will cease at 20:00 on Friday 24th August.  This is to enable us to validate all bookings and print them ready for the 1st.

What about event bookings? How do I get those tickets?

As with your convention ticket, you will collect those on your arrival at the convention as they will be in the same envelope as your lanyard.

What if I didn’t buy or book anything prior to coming?

We will have convention tickets on sale at reception.

  • Our registration desk on the day will have two parts.

    • One will be for pre-purchased ticket holders to collect their tickets and lanyards.

    • The other will be for tickets bought on the day.

  • Pre-purchasing your convention ticket online will mean a speedier entrance into the convention.

Are event bookings possible on the day?

  • For roleplaying games we are talking online reservations for approximately 75% of spaces.  All other spaces will allocated on a first come first served basis approximately 1 hour before the session is due to run.

  • For board game tournaments and seminars it is possible for these to completely sell out online.  If however we have space then we will accept sign up on the day.

  • There will be a sign up desk in the areas associated with each of these for you to add your name to any event.

Anything else I need to know?

  • When you buy a ticket you are signing up to our Attendee Terms & Conditions which incorporate our Code Of Conduct.

  • We have a Food & Drink Policy which at it’s most basic means you can’t bring your own food & drink onsite.  Let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements and we can discuss those with the venue.

  • There is no cash machine on-site at the venue.  The nearest ones are less 10 minutes walk away at Aldi and Morrisons.

  • Whilst the majority of exhibitors will be able to take card payment we do encourage you to bring enough cash with you.

What about t-shirts and stuff?  Can I buy those?

We will have Tabletop Scotland t-shirts on sale both online and at the convention itself.  We will reveal more about those before May 30th.

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