Tabletop Scotland is being held at Dewars Centre in Perth.  See the Map below if you need more information on the location.

Full details on the venue, parking and disabled access can be found on the Venue Information page.

The Dewars Centre is next door to the Perth Leisure Pool and every attendee will receive a discount voucher to use the facilities.  The voucher gives you access to equivalent pricing to the Live Active (LA) Card and access to all of these services.

The venue is about a 10 minute walk from Perth Railway Station and Perth Bus Station.

Perth City Council provide you with a guide on how to get to Perth on their website.

Broxden Park & Ride bus services stop outside the venue and Scone Park & Ride brings you to the centre of Perth.

If you’re coming via Public Transport then you can use Google Maps to work out your travel options.

Note that bus and train timetables are subject to change so best to check again prior to the event to ensure that timings are still ok!

If you’re coming by car then click here to open Google Maps to work out your driving directions.

Approximate Journey Times From –






63 miles

1hr 40mins

1hr 45mins

1hr 20mins


43 miles

1hr 50mins

1hr 15mins

1hr 10mins


33 miles

45 mins

1 hour

40 mins


110 miles

3 hours

2hrs 10mins

2hrs 10mins


88 miles

2hrs 20mins

1hr 40mins

1hr 50mins


145 miles

3hrs 40mins

2hrs 30mins

2hrs 30mins


170 miles

4hrs 40mins

3hrs 30mins

3hrs 10mins

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