At Tabletop Scotland we host a lot of different events, whether that’s board game tournaments, roleplaying game sessions, seminars or our Starship Simulator.

All of our events are FREE to take part in and can you can book your seat in them between Saturday 11th June at 8PM BST and Saturday 13th August at 8PM BST. After that all remaining spaces will be bookable at the convention.

Please remember that you will need a convention ticket to get access to the convention.

Without that your event booking won’t be usable! Book your tickets first!

For some of our events, we cap the number of seats that can be booked online. This is to enable spaces being kept for those who buy their tickets at the convention rather than online.

Our events are split by format. Use the images / links below to find what you’re looking for.

Alternatively you can view them all in a list here or on our Eventbrite page.