D&D Adventurers League – CCC-2 The Night Gate (Levels 1 to 4)

Date(s) - 24/08/2019
10:00 - 13:30

1F - Gallery


System: Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League

Scenario : The Night Gate

Written for Tabletop Scotland 2019 by Will Doyle

Scenario Description : Three ancient archways stand at the heart of the Quivering Forest. The first two are visible by day, but the third only appears by moonlight. In all the centuries they have stood here, nobody has dared to step through the Night Gate – until now!

Adventurers League information : This is a Tier 1 scenario and is open to AL characters between the levels of 1 and 4. New players are welcome and will be supplied with a pre-generated 1st level character. No prior knowledge of playing Dungeons & Dragons or Adventurers League games is required.

Players: Each table will take 6 Players Max.  4 Spaces Online. 2 Spaces at the convention.


Online event event bookings opens on Friday 24th May at 20:00 and close on Friday 9th August at 20:00.