Starship Bridge Simulator

Prove yourself in the Empty Epsilon Starship Bridge Simulator!

You will have to work in a team to command an Atlantis Class starship in a live, real-time computer simulation of a hostile encounter with alien factions.

This event is co-sponsored by Computing @ Edinburgh College and One Free Elephant.

Please note that there are age restrictions on participants: 12+ if a parent is playing. 16+ if playing unaccompanied.

Each simulation requires six recruits to fill the bridge team roles, these will be assigned during your session but can be summarised as follows:

CAPTAIN – has no direct control of the ship, the Captain keeps the crew focused on their goal and makes tactical decisions in combat.

HELM – flies the ship, controlling heading, speed, docking and combat manoeuvres as well as the warp drive.

WEAPONS – controls all combat elements of the ship including shields, targeting, beam weapons and missiles.

ENGINEERING – controls the power management of the ship and dispatching repair crews.

SCIENCE – controls the sensors and has access to the ship computer should more information be needed.

RELAY – controls communications, launches probes and has access to the Sector Map.

Missions are available either as pre-registered or daily sign-up (listed as “spaces online 0 / 0”).  Booking closes on Friday 7th August @ 20:00. We have a guide here on how that works – How do I book events?


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