Mongoose Traveller v2 – Shaggy Destiny

Date(s) - 22/08/2020
10:00 - 13:30

1F - Gannochy


Game Master: Richard Talbot

RPG System: Mongoose Traveller v2

Scenario Name: Shaggy Destiny

Scenario Description: It is the year 1117. The Awakening is an alternate Third Imperium timeline without the Rebellion or Virus. Two artificially induced supernovae throw Corridor and Vland Sectors into chaos against a background of Vilani political intrigue and a rising threat from the Vargr Extents. In the ebb and flow of the chaos after the supernova at Diiron / Vhodan / Vland the Vargr Corsairs known as The Sons of Suul mount a daring heist on the Viscount Enaa’s Estate right under the Viliani Navy’s nose. Can the crew of the Corsair Shaggy Destiny bring honour and riches to their barking mad crew. There appear to be 25 million reasons to do so…

Scenario Genre: Crime, Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk / Hard / Post Apocalyptic / Posthuman / Space Opera)

Max Players: 6 Players Max.  4 spaces bookable online. 2 space bookable at the convention.

Recommended Age: 12+

Pre-Gens Provided: Yes


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