OneDice – Glade of the Unicorn

Date(s) - 25/08/2019
10:00 - 11:30

GF - Strathearn Hall


System: OneDice

Scenario Name: Glade of the Unicorn (90 minutes)

Game Master: Richard Coates

Description: You are out on a weekly patrol of the woods to the north of your town when you hear a crashing in the undergrowth. As you watch, a shining white unicorn leaps over a stand of bushes and gallops towards you. A gang of snarling goblins erupt from the foliage in hot pursuit. Seeing you, they panic and scatter. The unicorn collapses at your feet and you can see blood streaming from a wicked wound on his side. He is clearly weakening – what can you do to save him?

Players: 5 Max. 3 Spaces Online. 2 Spaces at the convention.

Other Notes: This is a family orientated Roleplaying Game and will be hosted in one of the halls.


Online event event bookings opens on Friday 24th May at 20:00 and close on Friday 9th August at 20:00.

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