Pandemic Survival : Semi-Final #1 – UK National Qualifier

Date(s) - 24/08/2019
10:00 - 12:30

GF - Strathearn Hall


This is the 1st Semi-Final for the UK National Qualifier.  The final is being held on the Sunday and the only way to qualify for that is by participating in one of the 2 Semi-Finals and being amongst the top teams in that Semi-Final.

Teams must be seated by 10am on the Saturday to be permitted to play.

Specific event information – Z-Man Games PDF

Pandemic set the bar for cooperative games when it was first released in 2008. Since then, the game’s unique premise and compelling design have attracted a large audience and led to several expansions and standalone games. 

Pandemic Survival builds on this core strength and immerses players in an extreme version of Pandemic where teams of two face compete against the same scenario simultaneously with the same objectives in mind: be the first team to find all four cures or be the sole survivor at the end of the game. During these events, each team faces the same starting situation: identical roles, infected cities, and the same player cards in the same order.

Only their strategic choices can differentiate them and prove to be a winning or losing strategy. Successful teams are able to stay one step ahead of both the diseases and other teams by working as efficiently as possible. With a little more than a minute to complete each turn, Pandemic Survival is a thrilling experience unlike any other. 

  • A maximum of 12 teams will be able to participate in each Semi-Final.
  • The number of teams that make it through to the Final will be confirmed ahead of the convention.
  • If you book into 1 of the Semi-Finals you –
    • cannot participate in the other Semi-Final
    • should ensure that your Sunday schedule is kept clear in the event that you qualify for the Final
  • Different scenarios will be used in each event.
  • Prizes are to be confirmed but will be confirmed ahead of the convention.


Online event bookings open on Friday 22nd May at 20:00 and close on Friday 7th August at 20:00.

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