Savage Worlds – Here Be Dragons

Date(s) - 25/08/2019
14:30 - 18:00

1F - Gannochy


System: Savage Worlds

Scenario Name: Here Be Dragons

Game Master: Richard Coates

Description: Following the discovery of ancient technology at Cruachan, the Guilds Alliance have seen the opportunity for trade and investment in the Northwest.
The Kingdom of Localsh seems to be the principal settlement and centre of civilisation there.
It is known from rumours and tales from primitive tribes you have contact with further south. These must surely be shot through with legend and superstitions.
Apparently it models itself on ancient myths of Arthur, Merlin and Camelot and is a pre-gunpowder civilisation. The talk of wizardry ( unless it is ancient high technology or the rudimentary psionics that seem to be arising of late) must surely be exaggerated and as for monsters and fire-breathing dragons: utter tosh!
To find out what is really going and to establish trade links and investigate the rumours you have been asked to head up a trade mission: you have even been provided with the pride of the Guilds fleet, the Steamship Rocinante.

Players: 6 Players Max.  4 Spaces Online. 2 Spaces at the convention.


This event is fully booked.

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