Star Wars FFG – Gundark One is Down

Date(s) - 22/08/2020
14:30 - 18:00

1F - Gannochy


Game Master: Ciaran O’Sullivan

RPG System: Star Wars FFG

Scenario Name: Gundark One is Down

Scenario Description: *gshzk* Gunark One is going down, I repeat Gundark One is Going Down *gzshk*
It is the middle of the Clone Wars. Your Clone Commando force has just successfully conducted a HVT Raid, however, the situation has fallen apart as one of your Gunships goes down in the hostile city.

Scenario Genre: Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk / Hard / Post Apocalyptic / Posthuman / Space Opera)

Max Players: 5 Players Max.  3 spaces bookable online. 2 space bookable at the convention.

Recommended Age: 15+

Pre-Gens Provided: Yes

Other Information: The theme is military. It is a Star Wars scenario based on Black Hawk Down, but wide options to solve the tactical problems presented.


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