Untold Adventures (D&D Retro Clone) – The Tomb of Xa’andra

Date(s) - 23/08/2020
14:30 - 18:00

1F - Gannochy


Game Master: Robert Groves

RPG System: Untold Adventures (D&D Retro Clone)

Scenario Name: The Tomb of Xa’andra

Scenario Description: A powerful Elven king has recruited you to recover his daughter, captain of the Royal Guard. She was taken prisoner by dark elves while investigating a newly discovered underground tomb complex. What secrets lie within the tomb, and are the dark elves all they seem?

Scenario Genre: Fantasy (Arthurian / Dark / Dungeon Crawl / Gritty / High / Urban), Investigative, Mystery

Max Players: 6 Players Max.  4 spaces bookable online. 2 spaces bookable at the convention.

Recommended Age: 15+

Pre-Gens Provided: No

Other Information: Untold Adventures is a rules-light clone of the Original 1974 edition of Dungeons and Dragons. All character classes have been compressed to either Fighters or Spellcasters, so character creation is quick and simple.


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