Walk The Plank! Life Sized! Saturday

Date(s) - 22/08/2020
14:00 - 16:30

GF - Strathmore Hall


In conjunction with Mayday Games we are once again hosting a life sized version of Walk The Plank.

Imagine this in life sized scale!

Up to 5 teams of 4 will take part in playing what should be a calm, serene like experience….  Ok, so we fully expect this to be more than a little chaotic!

If you’ve played Walk The Plank we can promise that it will be exactly like the tabletop version of the game just life sized and with more chaos.

If you’ve not played Walk The Plank you should still sign up for this.

Online booking is available for 3 teams with 2 team slots available on the day.

This is how it will work –

  • The rules are the same as the normal game of Walk The Plank!
  • The event will be played 3 times over the time given.
  • You will sign up in a team of 4.
  • 1 player will be the “card master” in control of which cards will be used in the turn.
  • The other 3 players will be the pirates on the ship.
  • You can rotate the roles over the rounds if you want to but you don’t have to.

Prize support is currently TBC but we will have something!


Online event bookings open on Friday 22nd May at 20:00 and close on Friday 7th August at 20:00.

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