World Wide Wrestling (PbtA) – Tabletop Scotland Saturday Night Smackdown

Date(s) - 24/08/2019
19:00 - 22:30

1F - Gannochy


System: World Wide Wrestling (Powered by the Apocalypse)

Scenario Name: Tabletop Scotland Saturday Night Smackdown

Game Master: David Priestley

Description: It’s Saturday Night! Time to strip down, grease up, pull on those tights and get ready for TABLETOP SCOTLAND SMACKDOWN!
World Wide Wrestling is a fun, easy to learn and play rpg about wrestling. You will all create wrestlers who each have an individual gimmick (are you the Hardcore, The Monster, The High Flyer, The Golden Boy?) Between you we’ll create some juicy story lines. There will be feuds, betrayals, love triangles, devious Heels and fan-favourite Babyfaces.
Then I (the Creative/GM) will book the matches for the night and decide who wins (shh – don’t tell anyone this but wrestling is fixed!) You will be fighting each other to determine who will be the ultimate Smackdown Champion. But more important than that you will be be competing for Audience and Star Power. Can you get the crowd to pop when you pull a killer move? Are you willing to break Kayfabe to get a reaction? By the end of the night will the crowd be chanting your name or already forgetting about the dead beat wrestler who blew it.
WWW is accessible to both wrestling fans curious about roleplaying, and experienced roleplayers who want to see what professional wrestling is all about.  LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!

Players: 6 Players Max.  4 Spaces Online. 2 Spaces at the convention.  Players must be 18+ to play.


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