Writing Gamebooks for Fun and Profit

Date(s) - 24/08/2019
16:30 - 18:00

1F - Hay


Enjoy interactive stories on your smartphone?  Nostalgic about the golden age of gamebooks?

This session will get you started on creating your own, help you to actually finish it, and show you how you can publish a gamebook today.

No experience necessary, but bring your ideas! A hands-on workshop led by Chaosium author Gavin Inglis.

We’ll cover:

  • A brief history of gamebooks, with some curiosities from the fringes
  • Today’s gamebook scene: from high budget to DIY
  • How to scope and plan your gamebook project
  • Avoiding death by branching
  • Giving your player choices that matter
  • Useful tools to make paper or digital gamebooks

By the end of the session you’ll have a plan for your gamebook, you’ll have written a few entries, and you’ll know how to take it further.


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