We have a fantastic selection of exhibitors coming to Tabletop Scotland 2024. This page will be updated as they are confirmed.
Exhibitors trading hours:

  • Friday: 12:00 – 18:00
  • Saturday: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00


All Rolled Up are known for some of the best tabletop gaming accessories around. Their signature ‘all rolled up’ is so much more than a dice bag, providing you an innovative and compact way to bring your gaming to the table. Alongside that, the ARU team have a full range of tabletop gaming products available for you to buy.

You can find out more about them on their website: https://www.allrolledup.co.uk/

Ancient Robot Games is a local game store in Leith, Edinburgh. The carry a fantastic range of board games, card games and roleplaying games with a vibrant event scene for their community.

Whilst not exhibiting at the convention, the Ancient Robot team are hosting events throughout the weekend and also sponsoring the Bring & Buy.

You can find out more about them on their website: https://www.ancientrobotgames.co.uk/

Crossed Paths is an award nominated UK games design studio specialising in the building of roleplaying games & experiences for all types of TTRPG player.

Their goal is a simple one; Create a rich narrative world for all tables.

You can find out more about them on their website: https://www.crossedpaths.co.uk/

Grumpy Gorilla Publications are the publishers of Rosebyrne Manor, a dungeon delving game for 2-5 players who take the roles of iconic fantasy hero characters such as the Warrior, Cleric, Mage or Ranger.

Alongside that they produce the fantastic DMB Dungeon Tiles which come in a variety of styles of floor and wall designs.

You can find out more about them on their website: https://grumpy-gorilla.co.uk/

Mox In The Hole are a local game store based in Edinburgh, who aim to offer a wide array of products and events at the best value we can.

They host regular events for various Trading Card Games, RPG sessions, have a growing board games library and tables and terrain are available for a wide variety of miniature gaming.

You can find out more about them on their website: https://moxinthehole.co.uk/

The Pandemonium Institute are the publishers of Blood on the Clocktower.

Since launching the game on Kickstarter in March 2019, Blood on the Clocktower has taken the tabletop hobby by storm. Blood on the Clocktower is a game of murder and mystery, lies and logic, deduction and deception for five-to-twenty courageous players and one devious storyteller.

You can find out more about them on their website: https://bloodontheclocktower.com/

UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Tabletop Games Convention in the UK.

In 2023 the convention hosted over 52,000 participants making it the third largest in the world. Attracting over 500+ exhibitors from around the world, the convention is one the of the most prestigious events in the tabletop hobby calendar.

You can find out more about them on their website: https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/

A1 Toys / Static Games are family owned and run, independent retailers, based in Glasgow. Static Games maintains a complete range of specialised and family gaming products to handle all your gaming needs. At Static Games, you’ll find a large selection of board games, collectible and trading card games, miniatures and many more!

Absafe is a charity dedicated to health and safety education. We’re excited to introduce Splash Safe – our innovative, tile-based game designed to teach water safety in a fun and interactive way. 

Aeronautique Games create board and card games for all the family, involving themes based on scientific and historical reality, in particular aviation.

AfterLight Comics is an Independent Horror Comics Publisher based in Wales. We publish Horror Comic titles including Folk-Horror Series Wendigo Wood, Supernatural Horror Ghost Island, and our folklore card games Clash of the Cryptids & Clash of the Yokai.

Art of Arklin is Josh Arklin, an artist and illustrator, renowned for his captivating artwork inspired by mythology. With a deep fascination for the rich tapestry of mythical tales, Josh weaves his creative magic, bringing ancient stories to life in vibrant and imaginative ways. This passion has become the driving force behind his artistic endeavours.

BadCatGames is an indie tabletop game design and publishing studio in Scotland. Our most recent game is DreamEscape, a narrative-driven choose-your-own-path solo survival adventure game. With over a hundred hours of story to explore, each playthrough will offer a new experience.

Beyond Cataclysm is a micro-publisher and distributor. We print and sell beautiful, interesting and creative printed works. We are not limited to any particular area or market, but we do have a focus on fiction and roleplay games.
Beyond Cataclysm is a collective of friends and co-conspirators. Projects are worked on by some, all or none of us!

Blackwell Games is led by Anna Blackwell. A solo designer making the niche games that I want to play, and weird things I want to read. Whether that be dungeon drawing games, RPG systems, or games that reimagine kids toys in novel ways.

Blood Moon Games is a small independent games company, located in the North East of England, which specialises in board games, utilising unique game mechanics to maximise playability and enjoyment, and promote reasoning and the development of thinking skills.

Bluebottle Ink Comics are an Edinburgh based, independent comic book publisher founded by Gabriel and Tanya.

Blue Fox Publishing produces distinct, high-quality, character driven genre comics, graphic novels and adventure gamebooks. From slice of life, through sci-fi, fantasy and horror, they have titles to suit everyone of all ages.

Bluecyborg is a UK-based family ran company with a passion for gaming and creativity. We provide a wide range of dice sets and accessories for tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. We also design and print a selection of 3D printed products such as articulated dragons and dice towers.

Catherine Redgate is an artist and designer. Waters Edge is their tactical card game for 2-4 players. Games last between 20 – 45 minutes and can be played from age 10 upwards. There are now four Expansion Packs too!

Centroid Games publishes a variety of games with the goal of carving out a niche for tabletop games in Nigeria and Africa as a whole (of course, everyone is welcome to join in the fun!)

ChaosCurios makes Candles & Wax Melts, Dice, Dice Trays, RPG Jewellery, and RPG Keychains among other things. Owned and operated by The Chaos Crafter, Maker of Chains, Queen of the Click Clacks, Welder of The Neckware and the ear dangles, Forger of the Dice Wax Melts, Receiver of the Dremel Nicks and Mother of Dice Jewellery. Or, Roz.

Chaosiums are the publishers of Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Pendragon, Rivers of London, 7th Sea, and Questworlds roleplaying games.

Our award-winning roleplaying games, board games, and fiction are praised as being some of the most engaging and innovative of all time. With Chaosium games, you too can dream the dreams of dead gods, and help construct the universe from its essential runes.

Colostle is a solo RPG rulebook that allows you to play a single player adventure campaign through the impossible and incredible world of the Colostle. The Colostle is a castle so big that there are oceans, mountains and cities within its rooms!

Build your story of who your legendary adventurer is, and what they discover out in the Roomlands of the Colostle.

Common Ground Games is a gaming and hobby centre based in Stirling. The centre includes a wargaming and card game area with 20 full size wargaming tables, as well as 15 card and boardgaming tables, a fully stocked shop and a cafe! Less than a 10 minute walk from Stirling town centre with free on street parking around the venue.

Compose Dream Games operates a RPG market place which spotlights Canadian RPG designers. They will have a wide variety of RPGs available for sale at the convention.

Critical Kit are a dice maker and RPG publisher.

Among their range of products, they have the Be Like A Crow RPG and accessories as part of their official partner status for Critical Role.

We at Devilfly have been avid gamers for as long as we can remember.
Our first game recently funded on Kickstarter: Undermined! Pairadice City: A Gold Rush Era Mining Card Game. Race to unearth as many treasures as possible while avoiding terrible perils and your opponents’ shenanigans!

Dice and Destiny are a friendly local game store hailing from Canterbury in Kent! They’ll be bringing a wide selection of board games, card games and other gaming products to tempt you!

Dice Shop Online are the the World’s largest volume retailer of dice.

If there’s a dice for it, chances are they have it. Plus they have a range of accessories to suit your gaming needs.

Dissent Games make big games about important issues and tiny games which fit on greetings cards.
Our most recent release is Library Labyrinth, a co-operative game featuring 60 inspirational women and a whole library of literary terrors.

Dream Big Games have one goal. To make awesome board games! Creating thematic games focused on replayability & fun. Their new game “Wardens of Wulvengrad” is a cooperative monster hunting boss battler for 1-4 players against fearsome AI controlled creatures. Campaign and one-shot friendly!

Dungeon Tokens is the home of high-quality, laser cut and engraved D&D gaming tokens and accessories.

Eerie Idol Games are a board & card game design company who created The Old King’s Crown board game.

A strategic board game for 1-4 players. An empty throne, a crumbling kingdom and the heirs that would claim it. What Crown Will You Wear?

Effekt Publishing are a RPG publisher who will be demoing their Tales of the Old West RPG.

You may also know them from the Effekt Podcast where they talk about all things powered by the Year Zero Engine from Free League Publishing.

Escape Envelope is a Glasgow based escape room creator.

Their escape room games fit in an envelope, and includes titles like “Disappearance at Blackridge” and “Lock Ness”.

Evannave is an Edinburgh based illustrator, designer & accessories maker.

Their range of designs includes dice pouches, dice trays, bookmarks, keyrings and a lot more.

The Fantasy Wood Works team produce unique wooden accessories for board gamers & role players. Their biggest project to date is their Stowii – a portable, adaptable, foldaway gaming table.
Yes, you read that right.

Farplace Games is a division of Farplace Animal Rescue charity. Games currently produced are Farplace the Game set collection game, and the £5 take that card games Woof Days, Cat Days and Dino Days.
Dungeon Days, Space Days and Pirate Days should also be launched in time for Tabletop Scotland.

Fistful of Crits is a small business run by two friends in the North West of the UK.

We love all things TTRPG and wanted to merge our passion for gaming with our careers as designers. We are creating products and resources for games and eventually would like to offer a print and publish service for UK TTRPG creators.

Footprints on Forever sell Handmade Organic Cotton Clothes and Tony’s Chocoloney, we are a home based enterprise and all items are made and packed around our two small footprints.

Frank Bean Market produce wooden and glass etched gaming accessories. From board game inserts, dice towers, custom tokens and custom wooden game boxes for your card games.

Fumble Folks are an independent RPG publisher based in Cardiff, specialising in adventures and accessories for your all gaming needs.

Furtive Shambles is a game design co-op based in Yorkshire. It’s made up of Thryn Henderson and Adam Dixon, alongside other collaborators. Our projects have included Small Town Skeletons, a game about teenagers who happen to be skeletons trapped in the curse that is their hometown; Mixtapes, a series of one-page games based on pop bangers; and Ryne, a wild fantasy roleplaying game about people building communities in the footsteps of titans..

Geckohedron make delightful dice, dice bags and stickers for your every day gaming needs.

Geeknson manufacturer bespoke gaming furniture made out of the highest quality hardwood. Their range of tables cater for all of your needs both from a gaming and household perspective.

Geeky Meeples is a 3D printing and design business specialising in board game upgrades and accessories.

Gelatinous Cute make everything from award winning Dice Displays, Lucky D20 Holders, Jar o’ Slime, Dice, Dice jewellery and remember to check out their Grimdark Cuteness line of Minis!

Genki Gear produces original t-shirts, mugs, cosplay ears and cards with influences from Japanese culture, Dungeons and Dragons, tabletop games, and science fiction. Our sense of fun and offbeat humour has given us the tagline of “weird but still rather nice.” We love meeting all our customers so please come and say hello at Tabletop Scotland!

Hachette Boardgames UK curates and distributes the best games from France and Japan, delivering them to UK stores and homes.

They will be demoing games through the convention, including some new releases too!

Falkirk-based Handiwork Games are the creators of BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, two player rules and setting for 5e, the second edition of cult dystopian sci-fi RPG a|state, and are currently working on Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland a storygame of the psychedelic Mesolithic, 5e horror-hack FiveEvil, and a new edition of Cold City and Hot War.

Hatchlings Games is a RPG publisher for all ages of player. First known for our ground-breaking INSPIRISLES which taught British and American sign language, and the companion game OVERISLES. Our most recent release is Cryptid Creeks, a supernatural mystery tabletop roleplaying game where you play river scouts setting out to stop a rapidly spreading curse with the help of supernatural creatures.

Hive Mind Games are an indie TTRPG creator from Manchester.

With lots of fantastic indie RPG titles to choose from your brain will be a buzz of activity at their stand.

Illusionary Constructs is the art of Adam Howie.

Adam is a freelance artist creating art in digital and traditional mediums.

The Indie Connection is a collective of game designers and indie publishers.

They are gathering Indie & Small Press Games from across Scotland + beyond to be at the convention.

Inspiring Games is an Indie board & card game publishing house based in Edinburgh.

Their games include Legends Untold, and the recent standalone expansion The Illumination of Deepsorrow.

Johnson Ofair writes and publishes solo journaling, 2 player and multiplayer TTRPGs with the goal of helping people envision kinder worlds, radicalising people to push for change and make a difference by challenging norms in ways that centre community and uplift queer narratives. They also operate Third Vault Yarns who publish Board Game Knits, a collection of patterns inspired by traditional board games, dye sci fi and fantasy inspired yarn and make geeky accessories.

John Sherman is a boardgame designer, based in Bournemouth.

His first game design is Cuckoo, a card game about birds and their eggs.

Letty Wilson is a comics artist, writer and illustrator.

In 2022 their work for Wanderhome RPG won a silver ENnie award for best interior art and a gold for best family game. They are also working on the Dolmenwood RPG for Necrotic Gnome.

Lost Pages produce Old School Games, made with 100% pure tantrums.

Known for publishing ‘Into the Odd’, ‘Wonder & Wickedness’, ‘Macchiato Monsters’, they also created the ‘Book of Gaub’, a creepy horror spellbook inspired by titles such as Babadook, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Stephen King’s works like Misery and The Shining.

Kasasagi Jewellery is operated by Claire Cashman. Whether you’re looking for something tabletop related or beautiful hand crafted jewellery for different reasons. Claire has wonderful pieces of jewellery to meet your needs.

Leyline Press is a London based tabletop gaming company. We produce indie tabletop roleplaying games and sci-fi & fantasy adventure modules for a wide range of systems like Old School Essentials and Mothership. They also publish Salvage Union, a post-apocalyptic mech RPG with easy to learn mechanics. You play as salvager mech pilots who scour the wasteland for salvage in scrap built mechs.

Lost Haven Art is Andy Lever, a professional illustrator and RPG designer. Amongst his RPG products is ABBADON. A RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Haven, players are tasked with taking control of ill-fated and grim heroes, who must battle hordes of undead creatures, monsters, and demons, to prevent the looming darkness from spilling forth upon the world.

Lucky Duck Games is an international tabletop game publisher best known for industry-leading Digital Hybrid board games such as Chronicles of Crime, Destinies, Kids Chronicles, and Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy.

They will be demoing games at the convention.

MacGuffin & Co. are an indie RPG publisher from London.

Their range of games includes: “Odd Jobs – RPG Microsettings”, “Upriver, Downriver”, and “Ker-Splat!” along with several Zines.

Mantic Games is the home of exciting tabletop games including Firefight, Deadzone, Kings of War, and the soon to be released HALO: Flashpoint miniatures games.

They also make the Dungeon Saga Origins, Hellboy, Umbrella Academy and WORMS board games.

Medusa Games is an independent publisher based in Birmingham, UK.

They have four games and three expansions published, and have other projects in development. Their most recent project is Oranges and Lemons.

The Midnight Trading Co. is a game and creative studio based in Edinburgh. Their first game, HotShot Pickleball, is a collaboration between creatives from Edinburgh, Vancouver, and Los Angeles.

The game features some fun mechanics, lots of puns, and of course, pickles!

Misty Moon Illustrations is geeky artist from West Yorkshire. Their artwork is inspired by Fantasy & Autumn themes.

Modiphius Entertainment are one of the largest tabletop game publishers in the hobby.
RPGs including Fallout, Dune, and Star Trek Adventures.
Board Games including Agatha Christie’s Death on the Cards, Homeworld: Fleet Command, and the Skyrim Adventure Game.
Wargames including Fallout: Factions, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics.

Modular Realms craft terrain for tabletop RPGs.

Their terrain pieces magnetically snap together and are double sided, giving you twice the options with every tile!

Never Mind the Dice Rolls is a result of the desire to have create a TTRPG magazine dedicated to the rolling of dice and to characters we play on those adventure filled tables. Filled with articles on various topics on RPGs, campaign ideas, reviews of both new and old games, and much more.

Nightfall Games have evolved from their humble origins as a Glasgow indie darling, Scotland’s first RPG publisher, with their groundbreaking SLA Industries in the 1990s. Since then they have gone on to publish The Terminator RPG, Stokerverse, Demon Dog, Musketeers v Cthulhu and many others they’d love to tell you about, Nightfall Games will have lots to show you.

Parable Games are the publishers of SHIVER, an award winning tabletop roleplaying game that creates your own cult classic movie stories.

They also publish horror themed Zine RPGs like Don’t Play This Game

Custom Patriot make custom playmats for any game or art style you want.

Pelgrane Press are the publishers of RPGs like 13th Age, The Esoterrorists, Fear Itself, Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, TimeWatch, and Swords of the Serpentine.

Matt Beighton is a full-time children’s author from England. His Monstacademy series of funny chapter-book mysteries are popular with fans of The Worst Witch, Mallory Towers and The Spy Who Love School Dinners. They are available in both standard and dyslexia adapted editions.
His Pick Your Path Adventures series includes Escape From Sherwood, The Desolate Tomb, The Beast Of London, and the most recent release The Fall Of District-U a cyberpunk themed adventure book.

Elyssa Long is a graphic designer and illustrator from London, now living in Nottingham, and the creative behind Print is Dead.
Print is Dead is a celebration of my love of mythology and gothic imagery, with a side of esoteric symbolism. Print is Dead is very much a ‘curious collection of mythology, magic and the macabre’, inspired by nature, the macabre, folklore and fantasy themes.

Hi I’m Rach! I’m a designer toy maker and full time craft goblin based in the Peak District!
Acorns and Stagletts and Bears – OH MY!
I design and create everything from art toys to accessories and stationery!
I love crafting new designs to add to the RachMakes magical forest and add new characters to my world whenever inspiration strikes!

Rat Wave Game House is the indie RPG imprint of Kayla Dice.

Games created by Kayla include Follow Me in the Night: a Cursed Radio, The Infinite Dancefloor, The Story Of A Story, An Illustrator’s Guide To The Dreamtlands, Transgender Deathmatch Legend, and To Embrace A Swamp Creature.

RedStrawBaby is Maya, a Hungarian illustrator and sci-fi / fantasy enthusiast!

Maya will have artwork on show, and takes commissions.

The Role Play Haven started in 2010 as a RPG club in Lewisham.
They are now operating eight branches throughout the UK including in Edinburgh, which opened in 2022.

The Role Play Haven is a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Rowan, Rook and Decard are an indie tabletop studio which designs and publishes games that eliminate dull levels and allow players to create unforgettable stories. Established in 2017, their mission is to generate remarkable moments and provide timeless experiences.
They publish Eat The Reich, Die, Heart, Spire, Honey Heist, Unbound, Goblin Quest, and many other tabletop games.

Runefable make artisan resin dice that bring your stories to life!

Senior Games are the designers and publishers of Heroes of the Shire.

A turn based combat adventure RPG with a unique combat system with no dice rolling!

Settlers is a local game store, previously located in Hamilton and recently moved to Shawlands in the south side of Glasgow.

Alongside selling tabletop games, they also carry comic books and are a cafe all in one place! Settle down with good company!

Sleepy Sparrow Games is the RPG publishing name of Fiona Ruthven.

Games published include the post-apocalyptic radio stations RPG “Dead Air” and they’ve recently produced an expansion for the Salvage Union RPG by Leyline Press.

Steel Harpy Gaming create high quality vinyl stencils used for airbrushing and painting a range of wargaming models.

Stout Stoat Press is a games-and-book publisher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has built a reputation for combining tight, innovative game design with bold, charismatic visuals. Its projects have received awards and accolades, have been featured by the BBC, and are sold in bookshops all over the world.

STRONG POINT is a trivia game that has a unique slant on the typical quiz format. Yes, it tests your knowledge on a range of different subjects, but uniquely, it also challenges your opponents to test their knowledge of you!
Just as the box says.
It’s not just about what you know but who knows what you know…

Tabletop Dominion produce tabletop accessories which go beyond mere embellishments – they become essential components that enhance your immersive journey and make every gaming session a memorable adventure.

Terror Toad Games created their first game G.R.I.M. INC.

Bring party game vibes to the afterlife, as you appoint a Line Manager to reveal a Soul and a Setting (could be a waterslide tester, at a volcano perhaps), while everyone else gets their own unique implement: a whisk, a blobfish, sarcasm?

Tettix Games is an Edinburgh based board game designer and publisher.

Their games include Hideous Abomination, Deep Regrets and Fright House.

Trayed & Tested is the home of the original funky coloured RPG tabletop accessories. Vibrant dice trays are their speciality, mixing colours and wood stains with patterned fabrics, faux leathers and felts.

Triskelion Games will be showcasing “The Thinning Veil – Cormac Mac Airt on the Other Side of Midnight“. A solo dungeon crawl and adventure game set in the world of The Thinning Veil, featuring Cormac Mac Airt, High King of Inis Fael!
Join us to find out about the game, the land of Inis Fael, the story and what you can do to save the world!

Venger’s Decks produces RPG encounter decks and map packs.

Their encounter decks can help you out of a tight spot, giving you ready to roll encounters to run until you’ve caught up and worked out what’s next in your session. Or you can use them as story decks in advance if you’re struggling for inspiration.

Warbases stock everything from MDF, plywood and acrylic bases, movement trays and buildings to gaming accessories, acrylic tokens and can make custom items to meet your needs.

We also have our own range of 28mm Fantasy miniatures, Bifrost Miniatures.

Warlord Games bring you the finest range of miniatures for every setting.
Including: ABC Warriors, Achtung Panzer!, Beyond The Gates Of Antares, Black Powder, Black Seas, Blood Red Skies, Bolt Action, Cruel Seas, Hail Caesar, Judge Dredd, Konflikt ’47, Mythic Americas, Pike & Shotte, Project Z, S.P.Q.R., Sláine, Victory At Sea, and Warlords Of Erehwon.

we evolve is a small RPG publisher in Glasgow, UK.

Their games include Aegean, The Gaslight Club, WILD: Dream Dive Training Simulation, and Action Potential.

West End Games are a local game store on Queen Margaret Drive in the West End of Glasgow. They host gaming events in their café and in the greater Glasgow area accommodating a variety or Role Play Games, Board Games and Card Games.

Forbidden Psalm is a hybrid Roleplay and Miniatures skirmish wargame produced by WIRD Designs. You can use any miniatures you already own that fit the bill or build custom minis for this game (with random tables to help you determine how to build them). Solo Play and Coop rules included.

All content is also able to be used in the MÖRK BORG ttrpg.

Wooden DonKay make wooden accessories for all your tabletop gaming needs.

BRINGING THE FUN! Well, that’s how we see gaming and how we design our games to be played. Quick to learn, simple to play but with a surprising amount of depth. From the Gruffalo in ‘Games from the deep, dark wood’ to the London Underground in ‘Connecting London’, and TV Classics like Thunderbirds – we think there’s something for almost everyone. Across every game we want to build tiny world where you can play, fight, block, race and all the time have fun.