Our 2019 Exhibitors – 

All Rolled Up – http://www.allrolledup.co.uk
“All Rolled Up offers an innovative and compact way to bring your gaming to the table. Not just a dice bag – when you’re All Rolled Up you’re ready to game without needing to worry about finding all your gaming gear.”


Cardboard and Coffee Games – https://www.facebook.com/pg/CardboardAndCoffee/
Board game designer, Keith McLeman, was demoing Nuts & Bots at Tabletop Scotland 2018, we’re excited to see what he brings in 2019!

Common Ground Games – http://www.commongroundgames.co.uk/
Common Ground Games is a tabletop games store situated in Stirling.  The store has tons of gaming space and an events calendar to keep it well used.  Alongside that they have a fantastic range of board, card, roleplaying and war gaming products to tempt you with.

D.Taylor Woodworking – Sponsor Page
“D.Taylor Woodworking specialises in handcrafted gaming accessories, such as dice trays, chests and even wooden swords! All the items are handmade from quality hardwoods, and each can be customised with a large variety of lining fabrics, finishes and even custom engraving. Come and see their wares, and maybe even swing a sword around!”

Decking Awesome Games – http://dag.irish/
The Decking Awesome Games team are bringing Dice Summoners and potentially some other things too!
“We are an Irish board game company with a real passion for developing games to bring people closer.
We at Decking Awesome Games are here to design games with styles and themes we would enjoy playing, to design games that bring people together in a friendly setting and to explore new and exciting areas for board games.”

Digisprite – http://digisprite.co.uk/
The Digisprite team will be bringing Doomsday Bots and their new deck building store management game Adventure Mart!
“DigiSprite is Games & Web Development Studio based in Dundee, Scotland.”

DMB Games – Sponsor Page
Every member of staff here at DMB has an interest in games of one kind or another, and more importantly in making amazing quality games, whether they are of the Dice, Card or Board Variety.
We produce original games and gaming accessories, including a range of tiles, walls, and accessories to liven up any gaming surface or figure display cabinet.
All products are handmade, and hand finished right here in the UK!
We are currently working on our first major board game release, Rosebyrne Manor but have many other projects lined up and ready to go.”

Dream Big Games – https://www.facebook.com/dreambiggames/
Fresh from the Wastelands with Wreck & Ruin, the Dream Big Games team will be with us in force.
“We have one goal: to make awesome board games! Creating thematic games focused on replayability and depth to rival video games but in a more sociable way.”

Floating World Designs – https://floatingworlddesigns.co.uk/
Floating World Designs create artwork in the Ukiyo-e style of 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.

Genki Gear – https://genkigear.com/
Do you need more cat ears?  Of course you do!
“Great strangely fun t-shirts produced by a small independent UK company!”

Handiwork Games – Sponsor Page
Handiwork Games is a new Scottish tabletop games publisher, owned by industry veteran Jon Hodgson.  Handiwork Games make and publish their own games, as well as providing full-spectrum production services for other publishers.
Handiwork Games is currently working on BEOWULF, a setting for 5th Edition, Hellenistika with renowned rpg writer extraordinaire, Ken Hite, Scarred Lands Creature Collection for Onyx Path Publishing and The Forest Dragon Card Games.

Illusionary Constructs – https://illusionaryconstructs.com/
“Illusionary Constructs is the art and print design company run by the artist Adam “Kimded” Howie, available for commissioned artworks and design projects.”

Medusa Games – http://www.medusagames.co.uk/
“Medusa Games is an independent publisher based in Birmingham, UK. We have published four games so far with others in development.”

One Free Elephant – https://www.onefreeelephant.co.uk/
We make board games.  We like games that come in small(ish!) boxes packed full of fun stuff to do.
Publishers of OreSome, Carcosa and MicroBrew (Kickstarter was launched at Tabletop Scotland 2018).

Ralph Horsleyhttps://www.facebook.com/pg/Ralph.Horsley.Art/
Ralph is a freelance illustrator based in Leeds in the UK who has worked for numerous tabletop publishers including Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Upper Deck, EA, Paizo, Fantasy Flight Games and Green Ronin.
Ralph is our guest at Tabletop Scotland and as well as exhibiting he will be on the panel for our Tabletop Art seminar and he appears in the Eye Of The Beholder film.

Redwell Games – http://redwellgames.com/
Publisher of Vote Me!, with plans to release Ka-Zing and Six Gun Showdown.
“We are an independent tabletop games publisher based in Sheffield. We design, develop and publish family friendly games.”

Settlers – https://www.facebook.com/SettlersHamilton/
“We’re Lanarkshire’s games and comic book café but we’re also so, so much more.
We’re a meeting place, a club house, a family dining room; we’re an afternoon treat, a pick-me-up, a second home; we’re a place to play games, a comic signing venue, a costume party; we’re a place to meet new people, a place to break the ice, a place to meet old friends. At Settlers we’re a community.”

Tabletop Crafter – https://www.etsy.com/shop/TableTopCrafter
Tabletop Crafter create handmade accessories for the geeky-inclined.  Candles, Dice Bags, Dice, Keyrings and more!

The Crafting Jones – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheCraftingJones
Sally will be back with her handmade chic creations for you and your home. 
“Scrabble Art Frames, Bunting, Scrabble Magnets, Paper Flowers, Hair Clips and more!”

Warbases – https://warbases.co.uk/
Warbases manufacture MDF & Acrylic wargaming products and games accessories.  “We design and produce all our own products with the exception of tufts/flock, dice and plastic bases. We are happy to accept custom work.

West End Games – http://www.westendgames.co.uk/
“West End Games is a board gaming café situated in Glasgow’s scenic west end. We provide table space for all manner of tabletop gaming and a wide variety of snacks, cold drinks and freshly brewed coffee.
Not only do we stock a comprehensive variety of board games, graphic novels, collectible card games and gaming supplies, but we also offer free to play board games and a library of science fiction and fantasy novels to help you enjoy your stay at WEG.”

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If you want to know who exhibited in 2018 then check out our History page.