Handiwork Games

Handiwork Games is the home of BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, Map Tiles, a|state 2nd Edition, The Forest Dragon by Rory Age 9 and more!

We are a Scotland-based games publisher, run by Jon Hodgson.

We make games, and provide full-spectrum production services for other games companies including: Chaosium, D101 Games, DMs Lair, EN Publishing, Monte Cook Games, Onyx Path Publishing, Paizo, Paul Mitchener, Ralph Horsley & Uhrwerk Verlag.

Beowulf: Age of Heroes is uniquely designed for duet play: one Hero and one GM (though it can still be played by a group).

The cult favourite role-playing game a|state is back in an exciting new edition.

Handimonsters are a series of new monsters created for your 5e games.

The Forest Dragon and Bang & Twang are card games for all the family.