RPG Submission

Are you looking to run a RPG at Tabletop Scotland?  Please fill out the form below.

Rewards –

  • Run one game and receive free entry for the day of that game.
  • Run two or more games and receive free entry for the weekend.
  • All event organisers will also receive a Tabletop Scotland t-shirt.

Note that all RPGs hosted at Tabletop Scotland use the X-Card as per our Code of Conduct.

Want to join our D&D Adventurers League team? Click on the image to email us.

Whilst we won’t exclude submissions on this basis it is useful for us to know if this is the first time you’ve submitted events to a convention.
Note that we restrict online bookings to approximately two thirds of the maximum with on the day bookings available for the remainder.
Note that RPGs for under 12s are shorter (90 minutes) and these will be hosted in one of the main halls rather than in the RPG rooms. We will work with you to determine the most suitable slot.
Timings listed are our RPG Slots.
Please select all slots suitable for you to run the RPG. We will confirm which slots work within the schedule.
If not then please state in the “other information” box if players will need to bring characters with them or whether character generation is part of the session.
Which RPG System do you want to run?
What’s the name of the scenario you want to run?
What’s the player summary for this scenario?
Select all that apply.
If none apply then feel free to give more information in the “other information” box.
This is both for the convention to determine whether the scenario is suitable for our attendees and to help us determine the best slot of the scenario.
Select all that apply.
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