The team behind Tabletop Scotland are enthusiastic, driven and focused people who know what is needed to host a fantastic weekend of gaming.

Supporting us are 3 groups of awesome people.

  1. Our families and friends who ensure we remain (largely) sane.
  2. Our volunteers (or in some cases the volunteered – you know who you are!) who ensure that we deliver an event worthy of it’s name and make sure that we don’t lose the plot over the weekend of the event itself!
  3. You.  By reading this you’re showing your support for this event.  By coming to it you’re making it possible for the event to exist.

What we intend to bring you is the best events possible. A tabletop games convention that includes everyone equally and delivers on 2 very key principles –

  1. To paraphrase Wheaton’s Law – Don’t be an eejit!
  2. Bill & Ted’s mantra– Be excellent to each other!
Gold Crew 2
2018 Logo

We had a fantastic inaugural event in 2018 as you can see from the photos in our Facebook Album.

If you want to see what we had on offer then download the 2018 Convention Programme.

The attendance figures:

  • Saturday – 868 Attendees
  • Sunday – 653 Attendees
  • Combined attendance of 1,521
  • Unique attendance of 1,027

Our exhibitors in 2018 were –

2019 Logo

Our 2019 convention saw amazing growth over what was our debut event in 2018. Check out some of the photographs we have from the event in our Facebook Album.

We doubled the floor space available for the convention and with that extra space we expanded the exhibitor and play spaces.

If you want to see what we had on offer then download the 2019 Convention Programme.

The attendance figures:

  • Saturday – 1,276 Attendees
  • Sunday – 1,063 Attendees
  • Combined attendance of 2,339
  • Unique attendance of 1,585

Our exhibitors in 2019 were –