A core offering of many tabletop conventions is space to sit down and play games, or “Open Play”.

Since we started the convention in 2018, we have aimed for a fully accessible space throughout every part of our convention. Our Open Play area is at the core of that. Now that we have moved to the Royal Highland Centre, roughly three times the size of our previous Perth venue, we can take that further.

How Open is Play?

Our Open Play areas have always had a minimum of 2.5m between tables, or 1.5m between the backs of chairs (when in use). This ensures that pushchairs, wheelchairs, and other mobility needs are met.

With the move to the Royal Highland Centre we are able to ensure that there will always be a 2m wide aisle between Play Areas.

The only exceptions are a 4m wide aisle running from one end of the hall to the other, and 3m wide aisles within our exhibitor area. This gives you space to move from area to area, and keeps our Open Play feeling open.

As at 31st March 2024, our Open Play will be at least twice the size of what we had in previous years, potentially as much as three times the size depending on our event schedule. Giving you lots of choice of where to sit and play games throughout the convention.

Play Services

In addition to having space to play and for events, we will have additional services for you to use throughout your time at the convention.