2018 Playtested Games

Here are the games that were playtested in 2018.

Designer Game # Players
Aaron Billingham The Last Dance 3-5
Played over three dances players must manoeuvre their way to different partners within the dancing to pick up conversation snippets. When they have the right combinations they can dance their way to queen and impress her with the combined knowledge – trading in conversation cards for points. Dancers who follow the line of the dance though, can earn enough ‘style’ to be forgiven for larger, faux-pas, movements that get them more quickly to the right partners.
Designer Game # Players
Nik Balson Blind Wizard Brawl (Demo) 2-5
Blind Wizard Brawl is a game where players brawl their almighty wizards against each other in a phygital environment. What is phygital, you ask? Blind Wizard Brawl combines physicality of a card game with the digital nature of an app, using both in tandem creates a unique and interesting game for you and for friends! Are you strong enough to become the most powerful wizard in the land?
Designer Game # Players
Decking Awesome Games Dice Summoners 2
Dice Summoners is a two player duel using cards and dice. It’s aimed at players who want a light competitive card game with high replayability. The game has an engaging strategy using dice based action selection and an extensive variety of cards. Immerse yourself in it’s mythological theme as players deplete their enemy’s health to win the battle.
Dominik Pintera Dragon Racing 3-4
A race on wingless dragons through a track that unfolds itself as the race goes on. If you’ve seen Dragon Booster, that is more or less the vibe it is inspired by.
Designer Game # Players
Natalia Zon Telis: Exploration 2-6
Each player is a different alien race, competing with other players to explore and colonise an uninhabited planet, Telis. Your exploration robots scout uncharted areas of the planet, building resource mines and harvesting valuable gemstones. Each player is assigned a secret personality which determines their winning condition. Will other players guess which personality you are in time to prevent you from winning?
Designer Game # Players
James Naylor Magnate 4
Magnate is a mid-weight strategy game for 1-5 players in which you play a property developer out to make as much money as you can in a city-wide property boom. To win, you’ll need to snap up valuable plots of land and make strategic choices about what to build on them from a range of realistic 3D commercial, industrial and residential buildings: all in the hopes of attracting high value tenants. But beware: as the city organically emerges, everything you build will also open up new opportunities for your opponents. Will you make a fortune? Or will you be caught out when the boom inevitably turns to bust?

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