Games Library

Our games library is jointly provided by Dice Roll Café from Glasgow and the All Around The Board team all the way from Kent!

How does it work?  It’s quite simple really.

  1. Go to Library desk
  2. Leave £10 cash deposit
  3. Give us your mobile number in case we need to contact you
  4. Receive a Library card unique to you
  5. Go to the library shelves
  6. Choose one game at a time that you want to borrow
  7. We scan the game and your card
  8. Play!

Returning a game?

  1. Go back to the Library
  2. We will scan the game and your card.
  3. We return the game to the shelves.
  4. Want another game?  Return to the shelves!

Our team are on hand to help you with the process and with game selection.

While at the convention, you can check what’s currently available by visiting and going to the Library section.

Finished using the Games Library?

Return your Library Card and we will refund your £10 deposit.

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