Crokinole Grand Prix of Scotland


13:00 – 19:00

25 in stock


What: Crokinole Grand Prix of Scotland Event

Location: Event Zone (Main Hall)

Spaces: 48

When: Saturday 13:00 to 19:00

Event Cost: £5

Host: Terry Brown


Come along and take part in Scotland’s premier Crokinole event. Whether you are a seasoned flicker or Crokinole curious you will be made welcome and guaranteed a great time*
The Crokinole curious may also want to come along to our Crokinole Learn To Play event, after which you will want to hang around and take part in the Crokinole Grand Prix of Scotland.
If you are able to bring your own board to the event then this would help, a lot. Please be aware that any board(s) you bring is wholly at your own risk, and the organisers of Tabletop Scotland will not accept any liability. Terry “Crokinole” Brown will, of course, do his best to ensure the pride of your gaming shelf is treated with the utmost respect.
Check out the Crokinole UK group on Facebook and the excellent Crokinole Connections Map on the Tracey Boards site to find players in your area.
*according to Terry “Crokinole” Brown. Although, to be fair, no one has contradicted him.

Note: By signing up for this event you are also confirming that you are happy for Tabletop Scotland to share your email address with the Host. They will be in contact with you ahead of the convention to cover off any specifics.

Event Format: This is dependent on number of players and availability of boards.

NCA rules will be used with some minor exceptions. Full details will be provided before the event for those pre-booking and covered in the pre-tournament briefing on the day.
Each game between players in the round robin stages will consist of 4 rounds of 8 discs per player. Each round will score 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss, so there are 8 points available to win against each player you face.
Score sheets will be provided to each player upon arrival and will be explained during the pre-tournament briefing.
The time allotted for each game during round robin play (4 rounds) is 8 minutes, so please ensure you keep up with the pace of play accordingly. We won’t strictly enforce the timing of each game, but if any overrun significantly, we reserve the right to halt those games and whatever points have been scored at that point will be recorded as the final result.
The rest of the format is dependent on player count, but if we have sufficient boards & players there will be an initial group round robin, potentially followed by a second round-robin phase for those who make the cut.
The event will then move on to knock-out games which will culminate in the grand final and presentation of the coveted Claret Jug.
Join the Crokinole UK and Crokinole Scotland Facebook groups, and expect FUN!

*The convention team, event organisers, Terry “Crokinole” Brown, and Crokinole Scotland officials accept no liability for you failing to enjoy the Greatest Game on Earth™