D&D 5E AL – Squidaddle! – SJ-DC-SQD – TIER 1


14:30 – 18:00

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Max Players: 6 (4 Advanced Booking / 2 Book at the convention)

Scenario: Squidaddle! – SJ-DC-SQD – TIER 1

RPG System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Adventurers League

Dungeon Master: Sebastian MacPherson

What age bracket is the game? 12+

Tags: Fantasy

When: Friday 14:30 – 18:00

Location: D&D AL Mezzanine, 1st Floor

Scenario Description: A sentient starsquid was caught in the net of a fishing vessel you hitched a ride on to get to Alphaspace.

She wants to get back home to Squidlantis in the Great Asteroid Reef.

Can you protect Squidalina from ink-redible dangers and bring her home?

This adventure is a laid-back session in Wildspace for kids and kids-at-heart, or a way to introduce younger audiences to D&D and the Spelljammer setting.

Pre-Generated Characters: Yes – 1st Level Pre-generated Characters will be available.

Existing Adventurers League Characters: If you have an existing 1st to 4th level Forgotten Realms Adventurers League character then you can use that to play in this adventure.

Adventurers League Info: Want to create your own 1st level character? Follow the guidance in the D&D Adventurers League Player’s Guide which can be downloaded here: https://dnd.wizards.com/adventurers-league