D&D 5th Edition – The Ghost Tower of Inverness


19:00 – 22:30

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Max Players: 6 (4 Advanced Booking / 2 Book at the convention)

Scenario: The Ghost Tower of Inverness

RPG System: D&D 5th Edition

Game Master: Jens Rasmussen

What age bracket is the game? 15+

Tags: Fantasy

When: 19:00 – 22:30

Location: RPG Mezzanine, 1st Floor

Scenario Description: A shadow from the past, the Ghost Tower of Inverness has loomed ever larger in the mind of the great Seer of Urnst.

Now he has convinced the Duke that an expedition should be organized to go to the ancient keep and recover its greatest treasure— the fabled Soul Gem.

This is a conversion of the 1980 AD&D Module into D&D 5th Edition for 5th level characters.

Pre-Generated Characters: Yes

Other information: If players want to create their own 5th level characters then they can do so using the following guidance: Characters can be created with standard array using classes and races from the 5th Edition Player Handbook, Tasha’s Cauldron, and Xanathar’s Guide. For 4th level progression, players can choose ASI, or a feat limited to the same source books.