Dragonbane – Castle of the Robber Knight


19:00 – 22:30

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Max Players: 6 (4 Advanced Booking / 2 Book at the convention)

Scenario: Castle of the Robber Knight

RPG System: Dragonbane

Game Master: Mark Palmer

What age bracket is the game? 12+

Tags: Fantasy

When: 19:00 – 22:30

Location: RPG Mezzanine, 1st Floor

Scenario Description: For two days you have wandered, and now you have arrived at your destination.

A grassy hill towers before you. On its crest rests a ruined fortress – the Castle of the Robber Knight.

The warmth of the inn’s fire in the village seems distant now, but you all remember the old woman’s words.

Long ago, a wicked robber knight named Rothgar Wolfsbane plagued this area, pillaging and plundering wherever he could.

He fought against everyone – humans, dwarves, and elves – but it was the orcs who eventually brought about his downfall.

Brave fortune hunters have felt compelled to explore the robber knight’s castle in search of ancient treasures, but none have ever returned. Will you be the first?

Pre-Generated Characters: Yes