Hive: Scottish Championship


10:00 – 13:00

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What: Hive Scottish Championship

Location: Event Zone (Main Hall)

Spaces: 20

When: Sunday 10:00 to 13:00

Event Cost: Free!

Host: Ben Harris

Description: The tournament is open to anyone, join us for exciting strategic battles!

Event Rules:

  • Swiss tournament: 5 rounds (no knock-out), starts at 10:00
  • Time control: 15  min + 10 sec increment per move.
  • Full Hive PLM will be used (Pillbug + Ladybug + Mosquito) unless agreed differently by the players.
  • Hive badges for all the participants and prizes (an exclusive magnetic Hive set) for the top 3 players provided by Gen42!
  • This tournament is part of the UK Hive Cup for 2025, with the winner getting a a free ticket for UK Games Expo 2025 and entry into the UK Championship there.
    More information about the UK Hive Cup can be found here: Updates for 2025 to be added.


General Hive Tournament Rules:

  • The queen bee is not allowed to be played on the first move of each player.
  • Draws:
    • A draw offer can be made at any time during the game and right after completing a move (pressing the clock).
    • Three-fold repetition rule: if the same position is repeated three times during the game, the game is instantly drawn.
    • In the event of a long game, if the game has already exceeded the average time length (40 minutes), the defending player can try claiming the draw if their opponent is not making any concrete effort to win. The defending player should pause the clock and call one of the arbiters who will observe the rest of the game and has the right to declare the game a  draw if they believe it fair.
  • Shut-out: If a player does not have an available move, they must pass by pressing the clock.
  • Illegal moves: the first and the second illegal moves made by a player result in a warning. The third illegal move determines a loss for that player.
  • Visibility of the reserve: each player should keep their pieces in the reserve next to each other well visible to their opponent at all times.
  • In the case of a long game where one of the players seems they be not making an effort to win, the other player can request a draw after 150 moves (300 plies) after the last piece has been placed in play from the reserve. The arbiter should be called so that they can count the 150 moves and adjudicate the draw.
  • Rules are available from Gen42 at the following link: