Pandemic Survival


10:00 – 12:00

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What: Pandemic Survival

Location: Event Zone (Main Hall)

Spaces: 24 (12 Teams of 2 Players)

When: Sunday 10:00 to 12:00

Event Cost: £5 per team of 2 Players.

Host: Kirsten McLaughlin & Associates

What is Pandemic Survival?

In Pandemic Survival, teams of two compete simultaneously to win the game or be the last team standing.

Everyone’s setup is the same: roles, starting board setup, and preset decks.

However, based on your team’s choices, your individual game will play out differently from other players’.

Turns also have a time limit, which means you must act quickly and efficiently to discover the winning strategy.

How Pandemic Survival works.

Everyone is playing the same game, the goal is to be the FIRST team to find all 4 cures OR to be the LAST team still alive at the end of the game.
In case of a tie, the winning team is the one with the most cures found, if not then the team with the fewest outbreaks.
If there is still a tie, the team with the least cities with 3 cubes on them wins.
If there is still a tie, the team with the least cubes on the board wins.
If the tie persists, joint winners are declared.

First Turn: Players will have 2 minutes to complete their turn and play out their strategy.
Second and subsequent turns: Players will have 1 minute and 15 seconds to complete their turn.

Quick rules review:
Maximum 7 cards in hand. If at any time your hand exceeds 7 cards, you MUST discard down to 7 immediately (or play an Event card if possible).
When you play an Event card during your Draw Phase, you MUST tell your referee so they can advise the Tournament Host to wait for you to apply its effect.
We ONLY pause for Events when they are used DURING the Draw Phase or after an Epidemic.

Note: Teams are expected to bring a copy of Pandemic (no expansions or alternative versions) and hand it in to the convention team at least one hour ahead of the event starting. This lets us set up the game up ahead of start time. We will record the hand over of your copy of the game and label it accordingly. If you do not own a copy of Pandemic you can still participate but we may need to source additional copies ahead of time to make up the numbers.
Note 2: If you don’t have a team member, please contact us before booking and we will help find you a partner for the event.