Shiver RPG – House on Haunted Hill


10:00 – 13:30

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Max Players: 6 (4 Advanced Booking / 2 Book at the convention)

Scenario: House on Haunted Hill

RPG System: Shiver

Game Master: Robbie Graves

What age bracket is the game? 12+

Tags: Horror (Other), Thriller

When: 10:00 – 13:30

Location: RPG Mezzanine, 1st Floor

Scenario Description: I’m Frederick Loren. I’ve rented the House on Haunted Hill so that my wife can give a party: a Haunted House party.

She’s so amusing. There’ll be food and drink…and ghosts. Maybe even a few murders. You’re all invited.

If any of you will spend the next 12 hours in this house, I’ll pay you each $10,000…or your next of kin if you don’t survive.

The party is starting, and you have until Midnight to find the House on Haunted Hill.

Pre-Generated Characters: Yes