The Last Banquet


11:00 – 12:30

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What: The Last Banquet – “League of Traitors” Scenario

Location: Large Games Zone (Main Hall)

Spaces: 25

When: Saturday 11:00 to 12:30

Event Cost: FREE

Host: Iain Nisbet

Age: 12+

DescriptionThe king is holding a great banquet for all the nobles in the realm so that they can bathe in his splendour. Artists and troubadours will bring the necessary entertainment. It is meant to be a feast that will long be remembered!

The guests attending the feast hall feel the same, for in the corners of the castle deadly plots are being developed. The guests are divided into two factions, with both planning to “dismiss” the king. One faction plans to smuggle a dagger into the feast hall to “open the king’s heart to the realm” at the right time, while the other faction hopes to give the king “renewed motivation” with a poisoned drink.

In The Last Banquet, each player is a guest at the feast and needs to help his faction reach its goal and ensure that this will truly be the king’s last banquet.

When a faction succeeds in its goal, all players who belong to that faction win the game.

The game will be taught, so no prior knowledge is required!