Saturday 9th May, 2020

First, we want to say thank you to all those who have been keen to attend on our re-scheduled 2020 dates. It has been quite amazing the amount of support you’ve shown in what are _insert superlative of choice here_ .

Along with many of you, we have been closely following the UK and Scottish Government coronavirus updates and including that in our thinking and plans for hosting Tabletop Scotland 2020.

Unfortunately, we have come to the decision that nobody wants to hear. We are cancelling Tabletop Scotland 2020.

This is primarily because even if the event could happen, we are not convinced that it should happen.

Hosting a tabletop convention for >1,000 people in 2020 isn’t something we are comfortable with, regardless of what measures we could put in place to protect attendees, exhibitors, volunteers and others.

So what does that mean?

We will be refunding all sales of tickets & t-shirts. This will take some time as it’s a manual process per transaction but we aim to start doing that within 1 week of this announcement and complete it shortly thereafter.  Note that PayPal refunds may take longer if you paid via Credit or Debit card.
We will also be refunding charity donations made via the website. As PayPal charges us for each transaction we think this is the best approach and encourage you to repeat your donation directly to Perth Autism Support here –

Anticipated Questions

What if something happens which could mean the event would be safe to host?
As unlikely as that sounds, the potential of this is a large part of why we’ve waited as long as we have to come to this decision. We don’t believe that circumstances will change enough in 2020 for mass gatherings of >1,000 tabletop gamers to be possible.

What about a virtual online convention instead?
We’ve considered this but as things stand we have no plans to do it.
Online gaming is great fun but Tabletop Scotland was created to be a celebration of our board game, card game and roleplaying game hobbies. We don’t believe we could host an event that would match that identity.

Can my money for 2020 tickets / t-shirts be carried over to 2021?
No. That’s something we considered but we felt that the simplest option is to refund all tickets and then start afresh when it comes to launching ticket sales for 2021.

I want to support the convention, can I refuse a refund?
No. Again that’s something we considered and we’ve already had many offers of support, both financially and others. If you want to support us then continue to include us in your tabletop community oFacebook, Twitter & elsewhere. Also we would suggest that you donate to our 2020 charity, Perth Autism Support – – they will be our 2021 charity too.

What are the dates for Tabletop Scotland 2021? 
We’re glad you asked.

Yes, you read that right.  2021’s convention was always going to be the year we looked at doing this for 3 days.  We’ve still to sort out how this will work exactly but we’ve got time to do that.

In the meantime please continue to look after yourselves and your loved ones.

If you have questions let us know at 


Dave, Duncan, John & Simon

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