GAME System

Get Started

Visit our GAME System – to get access to our Game Finder, Bring & Buy (Shop) and Games Library.

Create your account by clicking on Account then Register.

Once you’ve entered your email and preferred password, click on Register and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Once received, click on the link in the email to confirm your account.

You’ll then receive another email to confirm that your account is now active.

Once you’ve logged in you will be taken to your User Page.

From there you can add games to the Bring & Buy (Sell a Game) and during the convention you will be able to see which games have been sold via this page.

If you’ve added a game for sale and change your mind then you can edit it and delete it BEFORE you check it in at the convention.

Once it’s checked in you will need to visit the Bring & Buy to do this.

Game Finder

Want to play a specific game and want more people to join you to play it?

Go to the Game Finder.

You can either search for existing sessions or browse the list that will appear here.

If there’s a session that you want to play in then click on Join In!

If you have a specific game that you want to host then click on Host A New Session.

You’ll have the option to use the Board Game Geek search engine to find the game and let folks know how many players you’re looking for and if you’re using expansions or any other extras.

Or you can use the “Enter Manually” option.

Location wise we’ve included some by default but you can also add others.

We recommend that the location is where you meet the other players. Not necessarily where you will be playing the game.

If entering a location manually, make it a location that’s obvious within the convention.

Saying “Open Gaming Area” isn’t going to be clear enough!

If for some reason you decide to cancel the session then you can do that from the Game Finder page by clicking on the Cancel button. You can also edit the listing to change the date and time.

If people have signed up for it before you cancel then they will receive an email to confirm that the event has been cancelled.

Bring & Buy

By clicking on Shop during the convention you will be able to see which games are currently for sale in the Bring & Buy.

To sell a game, click on Sell A Game.

You will then prompted to search for the game using Board Game Geek’s search engine.

Note 1: If what you’re selling isn’t a standalone board game, i.e. you’re including expansions as part of a set, then search for the base game and then in the Notes section add information about the extras included. Note that this is limited to 58 characters.

Note 2: If anything is missing the please mention it in the Notes section too.

Note 3: If what you’re selling isn’t a board game then use the Enter Manually option. E.g. if you’re selling a Roleplaying Book or something else then complete the information appropriately. Also, if you’re adding something using the Enter Manually please include an image of the product, especially if it’s a bundle of things.

Note 4: If things are missing please be honest. No one likes to buy a game and find out stuff that should be there isn’t there.

Note 5: Games are only visible on the Bring & Buy pages once they have been checked in at the convention.

Note 6: Remember, as per the Bring & Buy page, 10% of the value of any sale is retained by the convention for donation to our charity.

Lastly, we don’t accept loose items that aren’t books or board games. If you have a pile of miniatures or dice or whatever then we won’t accept them unless they are in a container of some kind. No, we don’t mean a polybag.

If you’ve got a LOT of stuff to sell then please keep in mind that we need to manually process the games at the convention.

If you turn up with a LOT of stuff we reserve the right to only take some of it and ask you to return later with the rest.

To be clear. We won’t keep it for you. You will need to take it away and come back.

You can see which games you have yet to confirm (i.e. get checked in at the Bring & Buy), games you currently have for sale and games you have sold on the My Account page.


As we get closer to the convention we will be adding all of the games we have for the Games Library into the GAME website.

During the convention you will be able to see which games are currently checked out and which are available.

You will actually have to visit the library to collect it though.