Games Library

Our games library is being provided by our partner Dice Roll Café who will look after your library experience throughout the convention!

The process for borrowing games will work like this –

  1. Go to the Library Registration and give us your contact details* should we need to follow up on anything.  Please have some form of photo ID to ensure that you’re legit!
  2. We give you a Library Card for you to use when you check out and check in a game.
  3. Once you’ve got the card you can access the Games Library and peruse the shelves of awesome.  We will have con crew on hand to help you with that selection process.
  4. Once you’ve selected your game, go to the Library Check-out where we will stamp your card as check-out, record which game it is and we keep the box lid.
  5. Take the game and play it until you’re ready to play something else.
  6. Once you’ve played the game and want to return it your journey starts at the Library Check-in where we will record that you have returned the game and stamp your card as check-in.
  7. Either go back to Step 3 to peruse the Games Library for another game or once you’ve finished using the Library go back to Step 1 to return your Library Card and we refund your deposit.

Some things of note –

  • We require a £10 cash deposit at time of registration which you will get at the end of your convention visit.
  • Games cannot be taken outside of the halls of the venue.  So no sneaking off upstairs with the games!
  • Games must be returned no later than 10pm on Saturday and 4:30pm on Sunday.
  • Only 1 game may be taken from the library at any given time per Library Card.

*Contact details include – Name, Mobile contact number and email address.  These will be destroyed within 28 days of the convention and will not be shared with any other party.