Playtest Zone

As with 2018, we will be having a Playtest Zone in 2019.

The process will be similar so we’ve retained the 2018 content below –

All Playtest Slots are now allocated.  You can see the list of those games that will be playtested on this page.
We are delighted to present the opportunity for designers and publishers of all sizes to join us at 
Tabletop Scotland and playtest their games.  Please read the rules below for the zone and then fill out a form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with confirmation of your slot time.

The playtest zone will be attended by con staff who will help you get players for your games, answer any questions you may have and endeavour to make your time at the con as enjoyable as possible.
Things you need to know about Playtesting your game at Tabletop Scotland

  1. You’re going to need to buy a convention ticketfor the day or days you plan on attending.
  2. You’re going to need to book a playtest slot.
    1. These come in 2 forms –
      • A 90 minute slot or
      • A 3 hour slot
        During this slot you have access to a 6ft by 2.5ft table and 6 chairs
    2. Slots are booked using the following Google Form (now closed)
      • 90 minute slots are free.
      • 3 hour slots require a small contribution to the convention’s nominated charity. 
      • Please make sure you mention Tabletop Scotland when you donate!
    3. There is a 15 minute gap between slots. This is for
      • 5 minute set up before your slot starts and
      • 5 minute tidy up after your slot finishes and
      • 5 minute buffer
      • Our playtest coordinator team will monitor this.
    4. You will only be permitted to book 1 slot of either 3 hours or 90 minute duration.
      Should slots remain available 4 weeks prior to the convention start date you will be contacted to see if you want more slots.
  3. You are welcome to offer to demo your game elsewhere within the convention but
    1. The only space you are allowed to record feedback from attendees is as part of a playtest slot
    2. No flyers or other materials may be displayed except as part of a playtest slot
  4. As with other attendees you agree to abide with our
    1. Code Of Conduct
    2. Attendee Terms & ConditionsAny violation of these policies will not be tolerated and any offending attendees will be removed from the playtest zone and the venue.

What about the Playtesters?

  1. Approximately 6 weeks prior to the convention we will publish the Playtest schedule on the website and announce it on Facebook & Twitter.
  2. Playtest sessions will not be added as individual events on the Convention Event Schedule however the finalised schedule (as at 6 weeks prior to the convention) will be included in the convention booklet given to all attendees.
  3. All attendees who sits down to play a game and provides written feedback via one of the forms will in turn be included in a prize draw which will take place on the Sunday of the convention.