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At Tabletop Scotland 2020 we will once again be hosting a Bring & Buy over both days of the convention.

The Bring & Buy is a CASH ONLY service.  We cannot and will not accept card payments.

Some of the information below relates to how the Bring & Buy worked in 2019.  Once the 2020 system is available we will update this page.  i.e. the website will remain offline until it is ready for use.

How does it work?

  • As with 2019, we have implemented an online solution for the Bring & Buy
  • This solution enables you to browse what’s in the Bring & Buy during the convention from your device.  Items will only appear online once they have been added to the shelves at the convention.
  • Please note that this the ONLY way to sell games via the Bring & Buy
  • There will NOT be a paper based solution, so you must add your games to the Bring & Buy via the online solution
  • Please read everything on this page to ensure that you are following all of the conditions
  • The Bring & Buy is a CASH ONLY service.  We cannot and will not accept card payments

Bought your Tabletop Scotland ticket online?
Follow these instructions.

  • This will take you here

  • Now enter the same username and password that you use for the Tabletop Scotland website and complete the arithmetic question
  • Once you have logged in you will be taken back to where you will now be logged in.

You can now start adding games to the Bring & Buy system.

Don't have an account on the Tabletop Scotland website?
Follow these instructions.

  • Enter your email address and a password then click Register.
  • Once your account has been activated you will be able to use the Bring & Buy system.

General Information & Timings

  • The Bring & Buy is a CASH ONLY service.  We cannot and will not accept card payments
  • Game drop off opens at 9:00 both days
  • Attendees can enter the Bring & Buy from 11:00 on Saturday and 10:00 on Sunday
  • No reservations or holds for games in the Bring & Buy are possible
  • The Bring & Buy closes at 18:00 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sunday
  • More items may be added and sellers may “cash out” whilst the Bring & Buy is open
  • If you are only able to attend Tabletop Scotland on the Saturday then you must cash out and collect any remaining games before 18:00 on Saturday
  • On Sunday between 16:00 and 17:00 attendees with items remaining must cash out and collect any that haven’t been purchased
  • Any items or cash not collected before 17:00 on the Sunday will be classified as donated to Tabletop Scotland 2020 for us to use as we see fit.

Sellers Information

  • When selling games you can either use the BoardGameGeek search engine or manually enter information.
  • If you’re listing a RPG or a board game that has extras included e.g. an expansion in the same box or is sleeved then you should use the Manual Entry option to type the information.  Note that this has a 50 character limit for the labels we print!
  • When you arrive at Bring & Buy we will confirm all of your items for sale, we will label them with removable stickers and then we will add them to the shelves. Only once that is done will your items be available for sale
  • Loose items e.g. miniatures, dice, cards, playmats or other similar items must be bundled together and secured. They will not be accepted otherwise
  • Games must be complete. If we determine that components are missing after adding it to the shelves and before it is sold then we will remove it from sale
  • When selling please note that 10% (rounded up to the nearest £1) is deducted from all sales. This will contribute to our charity fundraising.  For example:
    If your cash out totals £56.00, you will receive £50.00 and we will receive £6.00
    If your cash out totals £8.00, you will receive £7.00 and we will receive £1.00
  • Lastly, please price reasonably and avoid using penny values less than 50p.  Items priced in ways other than this may be sold at a price rounded down to the nearest £1 at our discretion.

Buyers Information

  • The Bring & Buy is a CASH ONLY service.  We cannot and will not accept card payments
  • It is your responsibility as the Buyer to verify that the contents of the game are as you expect them to be
  • Refunds and Exchanges are not possible once you have paid for any items
  • When the Bring & Buy is open you can browse the shelves at your leisure
  • You can also browse games available in the Bring & Buy by going to however you cannot buy online
  • Once you have identified any games or accessories that you would like to buy head to the Check Out desk
  • Please note that we may need to limit the number of attendees browsing the Bring & Buy area during busy periods.
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