Code Of Conduct

Tabletop Scotland wants everyone to come and have fun. Alongside that we expect all attendees, exhibitors and the Tabletop Scotland team to behave responsibly at all times.
To aid in the understanding of what that means the following Code Of Conduct is mandatory for all who attend the convention irrespective of role they are playing.
As such this applies to all attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, press and of course to the team of Tabletop Scotland and anyone involved in the Tabletop Scotland event in any other way.

The Code of Conduct is broken up into the following sections –
• Summary
• Anti-Harassment Policy
• What should I do if I am being harassed?
• In-game conduct


A participant in Tabletop Scotland includes the following –
• Ticket buying attendees
• Exhibitors
• Volunteers (including those running events and / or seminars)
• Guests of the convention
• The convention team
All participants commit to adhering to this Code Of Conduct as a direct result of their attendance at Tabletop Scotland events including those that occur outside of the published dates.

The convention team expect all participants to adhere to

  1. To paraphrase Wheaton’s Law – Don’t be an eejit!
  2. Bill & Ted’s mantra – Be excellent to each other!

If you have any questions about these please contact us.

In addition we are bound by Equality Act 2010, which can be viewed here.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Tabletop Scotland is dedicated to providing a great convention experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or religion. For this reason, we will not tolerate any form of harassment of convention participants. Participants found to be engaging in harassment may be sanctioned or expelled from the convention without refund.
The decision on sanction or expulsion is jointly held by the convention team and the convention venue.
We expect participants to follow these rules at all Tabletop Scotland venues and any Tabletop Scotland social events.

Harassment includes:
• offensive written or verbal comments about gender, sexuality, impairment, physical appearance, body size, race or religion
• showing images of a sexual nature within the venue
• intimidation, stalking or following of any participant
• photographing or recording someone without their permission
• sustained disruption of seminars or other events
• uninvited physical contact
• uninvited sexual attention
• plus any other actions or activities undertaken by participants at Tabletop Scotland events deemed as harassment by the convention team

Participants asked to stop behaviour that has been considered harassment must comply immediately.
Participants must not engage in harassment at any convention venue or convention-related social event.

What should I do if I am being harassed?

If you find yourself being harassed, please alert a convention volunteer who will be wearing a RED Tabletop Scotland t-shirt. It may also help to clearly say ‘stop’, ‘no’ or ‘please leave me alone’, or simply walk away but we understand that might not always be possible and ask that a member of the convention team, wearing YELLOW Tabletop Scotland t-shirts, is always notified to help us become aware of repeat offenders.
If you continue to be harassed or notice someone else being harassed, please contact a convention volunteer immediately.
Convention volunteers will help participants contact security, the police or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe during the con. The first convention volunteer or organiser you report to will take whatever steps they can to assist you in feeling safe, and will put you in contact with or bring you to an appropriate convention team member.
You do not have to give us details of the harassment, and can choose whether or not to report the matter.
If you wish to report, we will take details of the harassment and work with you to respond to the issue in a way that assists you in feeling safe and maintains the safety of the wider convention environment, as well as enforcing our anti-harassment policy.
If you report a serious criminal matter, please be aware that we may be obliged to contact the police. We would however take into account any concerns you may have around involving them.

In-game conduct.

At Tabletop Scotland we recognise that there are many games available which push boundaries in interesting and creative ways. To ensure that everyone that attends our events has a positive experience our Code Of Conduct applies to in-game conduct and due to their improvisational nature all Roleplaying Games will feature the use of the X-card.

The X-card is a tool that helps maintain a safe environment at the gaming table. Roleplaying games are creative and narrative experiences and adventures can vary widely in content. As such, it can be impossible to predict when uncomfortable content might come up.

The X-card provides a mechanism to keep the content at the table safe for everyone. It is a card in the middle of the table with an X on it. Should someone feel uncomfortable at anytime, they can tap the X-card. All other participants in the event including the Game Master will respond to that by changing the content, toning it down, or skipping the scene entirely.

The X-Card was designed by John Stavropoulos and more information about it can be found at

This Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time, with no notice. It is the responsibility of each individual participant to ensure they are aware of the Code Of Conduct prior to attending Tabletop Scotland venues and any Tabletop Scotland social events.

If you would like to discuss this policy then please contact us with your queries.

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