So, you might ask who we’ve got exhibiting and trading at Tabletop Scotland?  This list will be updated as and when we announce each exhibitor.

Asmodee UK –

An established distributor of games, collectibles and toys both domestically and across Europe, they will be managing our Demo Zone.

BadCat Games –

BadCatGames is an indie tabletop game design and publishing studio in Scotland.

Big Dog Books –

Comic books, card games and pop culture shop in Perth, Scotland.

Common Ground Games –

Common Ground Games is a gaming and hobby centre based in Stirling, Central Scotland. The centre includes a wargaming and card game area with 20 full size wargaming tables, as well as 15 card and boardgaming tables, a fully stocked shop and a cafe!

Crafting Jones, The –

Chic creations for you and your home.

DMB Games (Sponsor)

Known for their RPG terrain sets they’re now moving into the realms of game development with Rosebyrne Manor.

Dream Big Games –

“We have one goal: to make awesome board games! Creating thematic games focused on replayability and depth to rival video games but in a more sociable way.”

Floating World Designs –

Known for their images of Warriors, Samurai, Ronin, Actors and Courtesans in the Ukiyo-e style of 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.

Gaming Enhancements (Sponsor)

The team at Gaming Enhancements will be bringing their fantastic range of Litko Gaming Accessories for you to enhance your gaming experience.

Geeknson (Sponsor)

Famous for their amazing gaming tables we’re really excited to bring Geeknson to Tabletop Scotland.

Genki Gear –

Producers of great and strangely fun t-shirts.

Hexagony (Sponsor)

“HexAgony is a tabletop abstract strategy game invented by Andy Allen way back in 1985.
Andy wanted to create a game that he could play with colleagues during their lunch hour, and HexAgony was one of a number of games that he created.”

Inspiring Games –

“Inspiring Games is an indie design studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland making.  We make original tabletop games which inspire us and our tribe of gamer followers.”

One Free Elephant –

Designers and publishers of board games including ORE-SOME!, Carcosa and Microbrew!

Patriot Games (Sheffield) –

“Patriot Games is a Bricks and Mortar Gaming Store, an FLGS (Friendly Local Games Store). It is situated in the heart of Sheffield and has been dedicated to promoting and supporting gaming in all its forms for more than 21 years.”

They will be at Tabletop Scotland with their custom playmats and gaming accessories.

Pelgrane Press –

“Pelgrane Press Ltd are devoted to making and playing tabletop roleplaying games. We publish award-winning games featuring the GUMSHOE investigative system such as Trail of CthulhuNight’s Black Agents and Ashen Stars, as well as the d20 fantasy RPG 13th Age, and Robin D Laws’ innovative DramaSystem.”

Redwell Games –

A Sheffield based, Independent Tabletop Games Publisher.  Their first game Vote ME! was released in June 2018.

Settlers Hamilton –

Settlers is a tabletop games and comic book cafe – all in one place!  Settle down with a game, a book and good company!

Stuff By Bez –

Known for fantastically fun and challenging games, Stuff By Bez will be coming to Tabletop Scotland.

Tabletop Crafter –

Lots of fantastic accessories for your hobby needs.

West End Games –

West End Games is a board gaming café situated in Glasgow’s scenic west end. We provide table space for all manner of tabletop gaming and a wide variety of snacks, cold drinks and freshly brewed coffee.

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