So, you might ask who we’ve got exhibiting and trading at Tabletop Scotland?  This list will be updated as and when we announce each exhibitor.

Asmodee UK –

An established distributor of games, collectibles and toys both domestically and across Europe, they will be managing our Demo Zone.

Big Dog Books –

Comic books, card games and pop culture shop in Perth, Scotland.

Common Ground Games –

Common Ground Games is a gaming and hobby centre based in Stirling, Central Scotland. The centre includes a wargaming and card game area with 20 full size wargaming tables, as well as 15 card and boardgaming tables, a fully stocked shop and a cafe!

DMB Dungeon Tiles –

Known for their RPG terrain sets they’re now moving into the realms of game development with Rosebyrne Manor.

Floating World Designs –

Known for their images of Warriors, Samurai, Ronin, Actors and Courtesans in the Ukiyo-e style of 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.

Geeknson –

Famous for their amazing gaming tables we’re really excited to bring Geeknson to Tabletop Scotland.

Inspiring Games –

“Inspiring Games is an indie design studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland making.  We make original tabletop games which inspire us and our tribe of gamer followers.”

Settlers Hamilton –

Settlers is a tabletop games and comic book cafe – all in one place!  Settle down with a game, a book and good company!

Stuff By Bez –

Known for fantastically fun and challenging games, Stuff By Bez will be coming to Tabletop Scotland.


Tabletop Crafter –

Lots of fantastic accessories for your hobby needs.

West End Games –

West End Games is a board gaming café situated in Glasgow’s scenic west end. We provide table space for all manner of tabletop gaming and a wide variety of snacks, cold drinks and freshly brewed coffee.

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